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Hello All,

I have a new problem with my truck and need some advice on what exactly to TELL the dealership to do to make some preventative changes instead of just applying band-aids.

My Truck: 2006 F250 4x4 SD 6.0. 60,000 Miles. No mod's other then level and 35's. No Heavy Towing.

My Problem: Recently Check Engine light came on intermittently and now it is on for good. I don't have any codes yet. It seems to have a slight loss of power, A VERY HARD START, and pukes black smoke badly on acceleration during beginning of trips but only lightly after being on the road. Rough idle after being started.

PS: I have already had to have the turbo housing replaced last year due to "the nut coming off, and the vane warping the housing" per the dealer.

My Question: First off, do we think this is a failed HG for sure? My truck is still under warranty and I do not want to have temporary fixes until my warranty is up and I am SOL. What do I need to tell my dealership to do to my truck to prevent any of these HG's and turbo problems in the future?

I truly appreciate any and all advice.... Thank you in advance.


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Clogged oil coolers on 6.0's is very common. If they didn't flush the coolant before they replaced the cooler in 09 then its most likely clogged again.

I also would recommend NOT dragging your feet on getting the issue diagnosed and fixed. Next part to fail will be your EGR cooler followed by your headgaskets.
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