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OK guys, my uncle has an '03 F350 with a 7.3; he recently had a mechanic replace some fuel injectors and the injector drive module. After this, the truck developed new issues. First... dead batteries, two new batteries, no problem. Then... dead batteries again, new alternator, OK. Now, while driving, if you slow down for a red light or stop sign; a list of things are subject to happen. 1st) The gauges and radio shut down. 2nd) ABS and seat belt lights come on and/or flash. 3rd) The engine shuts off. After this, it shows all the signs of a dead battery. It can be hooked to another vehicle, a battery charger or a jump box and will start in just a couple of minutes. It may do fine for 15 minutes, 12 hours or 2 days; then the same thing. Please tell me one of you guys has a good idea on this one.
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