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my 99 f350 7.3 I believe is having problems with the IPR (injection pressure regulator). truck was drivable with quite a bit of white smoke. very hard to start unless it was plugged in and then it would start right up. a few times it died while I was driving but was able to start it back up and continue on. then one time it died after about 45 min running and now won't start and no smoke at all. then I replaced these parts
cam shaft position sensor
icp sensor and pigtail
pcm relay
checked all fuses
still no start. then I jumped the yellow/red wire from the back of the ipr pigtail to the negative terminal on the batterie and then it started, ran for 30 seconds until I shut it down because it started running hard all with white smoke. as long as the y/r wire is on the negative terminal I can start it, I don't think I could drive it but it runs. I've followed the y/r wire through out the engine bay and can't find any bare wires or anything, I can't tell where it goes though once I get under the fuse box under the hood. diagrams say that the y/r wire goes through "25" in the 42 way connector and then to "test pin 83". then the solid red wire goes through the "24" to the pcm power relay. I would assume the red wire if ok and the y/r wire is not. my questions would be if anyone knows what the hell is going on and what is "test pin 83"???
thank you for your time
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