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Hey guy's. I'm working on the truck getting it ready for a 5,000mi trip to Yellowstone next week. I'm doing lots of preventative maintenance and a few repairs that needed to be done, including the rear pinion seal. I've got it all apart. I marked the pinion shaft, nut and flange to get it back together exactly how it was. I was planning to put the nut back down a hair past where it was. This seems to be a time tested proven technique without removing the ring carrier, axle shafts and setting it all up with a new crush sleeve.

My flange/yoke has visible and tactile grooving on the sealing surface. Of course it's Saturday as I do this, but I was thinking about getting a machine shop to chuck it up and clean it up a bit with emory cloth or something lightly abrasive.

My other option is to replace the flange/yoke. My problem with that is that if there is a slight difference in the dimension between the where the nut rides and the bottom of the flange where the crush sleeve rides up against my marks will mean nothing and it's possible I can under or over tighten the nut.

Any advice from the experts that have been in this situation before?
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