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2006 F250 CCSB 6.0
New to me truck, fabtech 6” lift (3.5” block with overload leaf spring) carrier bearing shimmed.
So I noticed the truck likes to lunge to the left when accelerating then to the right once I let go of the gas. Checked out all the usual suspects and found the right rear U bolts were loose. Upon more inspection the right lift block seemed to have shifted and has been ‘rocking’ on the perch. The left side seems to be lifting off the rear of the block too now.
The pinion angle is tilted up.
I want to replace the blocks and rotate the axle down so the pinion points down.
Do you think I should get a tapered lift block to get a better pinion angle?
The driveshaft is pretty straight right up til the differential pinion.
I have zero vibrations right now.



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