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Ok I went to reprogram my truck yesterday and now my truck is a 8000 lb paper weight. There was a turn of events that lead up to this. But I'm not sure if this problem came from the problem I had last week.

So last week coming home from Indiana we lost the alternator pulley while driving down I-80. Got towed to Ogallala Neb. Fixed the truck the next day and was on our way. then we noticed that we had no turn signals at all and the over drive would not turn off. So this weekend I tore the dash down and tried to get them working again. I got the turn signals working seamed to be the flasher on the back of the fuse panel, didn't even have to replace it just pulled it out and put it back in and the started working. I could not figure out the OD though so I put it all back together. Then I went to re-program the truck to extreme it erased the memory then said to make sure the key was on and retry. Thats what it comes up with every time now. I figure the pcm is dead and thats why it thinks the ignition is not on. The truck is dead wait to start light wont go off if I turn it over you cant even smell deisel.
Does the pcm control the OD? Could the alternater have caused a spike when it threw the pull (the pulley bounced around in the engine compartment pretty good)
The truck was running great until I lost the pulley. Heck I was getting 20.5 MPG now I'm getting 0 MPG
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