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I've had a small puddle of water forming just behind the passenger tire for a couple of days. Since I'm in Florida and it's been a balmy 70* lately, the air has been running.

At first I assumed this was just the condensate drain. But, after towing my trailer this weekend, gave everything a once-over and I noticed the degas bottle was reading 3/4" lower than it has in the past.

I now assume it's a coolant leak and wonder if anyone can corroborate this thought.

The towing was light and I drive like a baby. No tunes and the top of the degas bottle looks pretty clean (i.e. no puking).

The first image is the leak and it's location relative to the passenger front:

The second image shows the dripping on the rear side of the inner fender.

I checked the heater hoses at the firewall. There doesn't appear to be any leaks there. Also took a look around the valley to make sure EGR hoses were clean. Looked good, as far as I could see. Also, I figure if it was in that area, the leak would be down around the bell housing.

I appreciate any ideas.

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