I have my old passenger towing/folding mirror off my 2011 F350.
Black with chrome trim top.
Its pretty clean, no dings or cracks.
Only issue is the towing extension gears are stripped so it won’t extend. Common issue it seems.
Buy some replacement extension gears for $100 or find some at a junkyard and it’s good to go.

Your Mirror body broken but internals are still good? Grab the gears out of your old mirror and use this one.

Fold in/out works fine. Power adjust works fine. Heated defrost works fine. Mirror glass has great visibility

A treetop fell and hit the drivers-side mirror and took it out. Replacements were ungodly expensive from the factory and used ones on Fleabay weren’t much better so I bought an aftermarket pair of brand new ones. That’s why it’s for sale.

It’s also on Fleabay too.

Buyer pays shipping from 23452. Make me an offer. Way cheaper then other options.

Thanks for looking!