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paint or powdercoat coils???

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i just got in my new lift coils, and they are a grey color. i want them black to match my black and white truck, can i powder coat them or paint them? or will it just crack the paint when they flex?
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If your still trying to do this, if your going to paint them use some tractor paint enamel with heavy coats. Do not spray paint them cause it wont stay nice. Get yourself some Universal black tractor paint and brush it on. It will last you for a long time.
If you powdercoat the coils they will bake the coating on with temps 800-1000oF, I wouldn't recommend heating the coils due to possibly weakening them. I would just paint with a good flexible paint (non-epoxy).
to harden steel it is heat treated, this will increase the surface hardness,,,, it will also make it brittle.....not good for springs....
I powder coated my springs. They baked them at around 500F. And have been perfect for 10,000km. A good coating company will know what they are doing.
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A lot of springs come powder coated. I have had them powder coated before with no problems. It will last a lot longer than paint for sure.
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