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Paid off ‘13 F350 to ‘19 F350; Worth it?

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Hello all, question for you:

I'm currently the original owner of a 2013 F350 XLT FX4 cc lb with less than 36k on the ticker. With the exception of a faulty fuel gauge replaced under warranty, the truck has been problem free. Dealer maintained using full synthetic oil after my first oil change. I love this truck, and it’s like stinkin’ new.

That being said, I love the current body style. My buddy just picked up a new to him ‘17 F250 Lariat, and now of course, I’ve got the itch. A nearby dealer has essentially my current truck in a ‘19. I don’t know if it has the 5th wheel prep, spray in bed liner and up fitter switches mine has. Assuming it does, do you all think it would be a worthy purchase.

We have a 5th wheel toyhauler with about a 15k GVWR, that currently gets taken out maybe six times a year. I’m about to retire from my current profession, and not quite sure what I’m going to do after, so keeping my overhead low is a priority. My extended warranty is up in July, and I’m not a big fan of repair bills (not that this truck has given me any reason to expect them).

Bottom line is, does this ‘19 offer up enough of a difference to let my ‘13 go?
Thanks in advance.
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Wanting to keep your overhead low and your 13 being paid for I would set aside some cash for “repairs” as they are needed or come up and keep your truck, really besides looks there’s not a “ton” of differences but I understand I also like those 17-19s but my 12 pulls just as well, I would plan for a turbo upgrade in the future as your most likely will go out and you can do the 15+ retro kit, and set aside some cash for a new radiator just in case but other then that miles wise you still have a new truck, that’s my .02
If you do you'll kick yourself when they update the interior with the newer dash/center dash. Hold your cards!!! Not to mention if the bump the HP/TQ any in the next few years.
Sounds like you want to hold onto it.

I retired From one profession and am keeping overhead low by keeping my 6.0. I also take my 12k fifth wheel out about as much as you do,

The next truck I get, I want to last a long, long time, and will be new. Honestly think I’ll get that in 5 to 10 years. I’ll tell you, I’m not looking forward to a payment of $1000 to $1500 per month In today’s dollars when that happens.
You would be better keeping the 2013. A 2019 is going to be what $5-800 per month on payments not including interest plus/minus the tiny trade in they'll give you? You could put less than that per month into some pretty big ticket items and still be ahead with the 2013 mechanically. You never know what retirement holds. Could have unexpected medical bills, accident, etc ( I really hope you dont face those but its best to be prepared) Keep the paid off truck heck even put some mods into the stereo, tires, wheels, and you'll still be way ahead for the minor upgrades/cost ratio of a 2019.
I was about to trade in my '05 6.0 for a newer (used) 6.7. I'm the second owner of the '05, original owner had logbook with every repair and oil change since new. Had 120,000 when purchased and now has 152,000. I had just replaced tires, brake pads, rotors, calipers, and rebuilt trans (my fault). After figuring out that the trade would cost $40-50 K, decided to spend $8,500 for bulletproofing (including new injectors) and Bilsteen shocks.

'05 runs like new and I saved $31,500 +. Best part....PAID FOR!
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Personally, I'd keep it but it's always best to look at both sides of the coin carefully. Say your trade in value is 30K (can probably private sell for 35K) and a '19 can go for 50...
These numbers might be optimistic (came by way of a very quick web search) but they are something to think about. I tend to keep my vehicles long term with between 175K miles and 300K miles on the ones I have recently retired.
If it was a '15, I'd tell you to absolutely keep it. Since it's a '13, my advice is still to keep it and upgrade to the '15+ turbo. I wouldn't be driving a '17 if they hadn't sold the '15 I was looking at out from under me.
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Thanks for all the input everyone, I really appreciate it. Lots of good points, I was not aware of the turbo issue. The ‘19 I’m looking at is $61k, and they’re willing to give me $30k for mine. I‘m inclined to keep mine for all the reasons mentioned above, but there’s one other aspect I’m considering. I know vehicles generally are not good investments, but assuming mileage accrual/condition is the same, how much more will I lose in value if I wait a year or two? What’s more of a concern to me is once the next generation is released, my truck would then be two generations behind.

At almost 52, I’m not sure if my ‘13 could be my last truck before I can’t/shouldn’t drag my 5th wheel around anymore, but as long as I stay on top of maintenance like I do, I suspect it’ll be good to go.
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If you are looking to get into your last truck you intend to buy then I would get the 19 and trade the the 13 for the 30k difference. I financed sall of the 36k that I just spent on my 16 and my payments are only $622 a month. Still steep and not something I was excited for but also will have the truck payed off in 3 years on a 5 year note.
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