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P228f Fuel exceeded learned limits SOLVED

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I have this problem from time to time on my 2017 F250 and its driving me crazy.

Sometimes it activated the CEL. If I clear the error, I can drive for 1000 miles and it won't come back. another day it will just appear.

I've ran all the low and high pressure fuel tests in ford IDS and it always passes them all. I've swapped out, all fuel filters, the fuel rail pressure sensor and the puel pressure regulator on top of the CP4 fuel pump. Error still comes randomly.

Also just lately I've had P01C6 appear, I did another thready about that

Any ideas where to go next please? Thanks in advance.
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Replace the Low Fuel Pressure and temperature sensor on the fuel line near the secondary fuel filter and see if both concerns go away. You have a circuit code for that sensor and the PCM uses data from it along with other data to control ignition timing and pulse width. I am actually very interested if it affects the P228F code.
Well the wire goign to the low fuel pressure sensor was cracked a few mm from the actual plug. So I took the plug off and managed to remove the terminal with the cracked wire. I soldered a new wire tot he terminal, replaced it in the plug and the P01C6 error disappeared.

Unfortunately the P228F error is still present and still kick on the check engine light. Drives me crazy as the truck drives perfectly. Plus passes all thge fuel pressure tests in IDS. I've already replaced the pressure sensor on the fuel rail and the reculator on the cp4 pump plus all the fuel filters (all looked fine plus the regulator on the cp4 pump had no signs of metal.

I've ordered a new low pressureTemp sensor and a new fuel regulator for the opposite end of the fuel rail. After that I'm all out of ideas, so hopefull one of those 2 will cure the error. Will post results here, thanks for advice
Does the P228F set after a hard acceleration or high load situation like towing or going up a hill?
Nope, its sets on normal driving, not even towing. Even when I tickle the throttle. If I clear the code at start of a 500 mile drive the CEL stays off throughout the drive. If I restart the vehicle and leave it idling, the CEL stay off. But as soon as RPM goes over that 1500-2000, even stationary, the CEL comes on.

I did think it was possible cranking related due to this. But yesterday I hit the road with IDS hooked up. Cleared the code whilst driving and the cel light went off, but I checked the codes a few minuites later and the P228 code had appreared again but not triggered the CEL. So I think I may have been barking up the wrong tree with the cranking diagnosis. Its strange that when I run the low and high pressure fuel tests in IDS it passes everythine. And there is no noticable loss of power at any point. Many people with P228F experience power drops, stalling etc, I get none of that. I'm hoping that the 3rd and 4th sensors that I'm about to swap out, that one of them has a tiny malfunction, just enough to kick it out of range.

I wish there was a way to prevent the CEL coming on just for this error. I work a lot on mercedes and often this is easy to code out for specific errors with the right software, but I've found nothing similar for the ford PCM.

Will report back after the fuel rail regulator and the low pressure/temp sensor are installed.

Thanks fo the input, really appreciated.
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All fixed now. Turned out to be the Fuel pressure regulator at the far end of the left fuel rail (pic below).

It was the 3rd of 4 items I had to swap to solve it. Hardest to get to was the regulator on top of the CP4 pump.

Many on google sais it would e the cp4 pump refulator but i get each case is different

Have driven it quite a bit and no sign of the error.

Thanks for the advice. Hope this helps someone in future
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