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I will start by sayin i am a Newbie to the diesel world, and im only 22, but some what mechanically inclined, i can do simple stuff.... so on to the problems...

I have been having drivability problems with my '04 f250, it would be kind of sluggish in the low end and after, say 45, there would be no power if i tried to pass someone. so i took it to the shop, they hooked up a scanner and told me i needed a new turbo. :why-me:

they quoted me $1400 for a new powermax turbo installed.

i looked online and saw the EBP sensor may be dirty so i might try and clean that this weekend, and alo it is over due for an oil change and i read that can really mess with alot of stuff so i will be doing that too this weekend. Also, my truck hasnt been re-flashed since '05 so i believe it is time for that also.

i unhooked the EBP sensor and it made a dif. in exhaust tone at idle and i went for a very shot drive around the block, the turbo seemed to be building better boost.....but was "turbo farting" i went back home and hooked the sensor back up and went for another drive, seemed to drive better.... The CCV(?) tube from the intake to the engine was partly out, i pushed it back in...

my EGR recently failed so maybe the turbo was stuck or it clogged the EBP tube (if possible) i had the EGR deleted and a cat delete done at the same time.

sorry for the LONG post, i just need help and thought the whole story would be best!!!
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