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P2002 fix

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Anyone know what the fix is for this. P2002 Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)
This is on a stock truck. I have been searching and cant find any answers.
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Do you have a CAI? You say stock, but your sig says otherwise. Mine threw that code a few weeks ago while towing 7500 lbs. I read it was because of the CAI. I reset it and it hasn't been back.
It is on a buddys truck not mine, but yes he has a cai. I got to thinking that it is just not completing the regens and the dpf is getting full, otherwise just a bunch of 5 min trips. I told him to get it out on the hwy and drive the crap out of it.I told him to clean his afe, code cleared but everytime he gets on the throttle it comes back on.

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If you google P2002 Code you'll get a lot of hits. The only fix I found was if he has an AFE II filter code p2002 - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

It seems to be hit or miss if the code returns. Mine hasn't came back yet (knock on fake wood in my F250).

Edit: looks like doing the DPF delete and adding a tuner will also get rid of the code.
By reset you mean just pushing the button on the cai right? My truck through the same code about two weeks ago scanned it and deleted the code then the engine light came back on and went off by itself 2 more times any suggestions
I have a Afe Stage 2 Cai and i called Afe about this issue after reading a little bit, they suggested it may be because there is to much airflow that the truck may not be running the regen process they suggested putting on a pre filter and to my suprise they shipped me one for free which is awesome so im gonna try that and the guy said if the problem continues to occur then call him back and he will suggest other things, he also suggested putting on the stock intake and seeing if it regens, im thinking that would be a solid test to figure out if the dpf is bad or if it is something with the aftermarket CAI
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