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It's about that time again for issues to come up at the same time you have other projects going on.
I've got an '06 F250 6.0 AT
First issue - Since last fall, the truck runs rough on cold start as in the first start of the day, doesn't matter too much what ambient temp is, but obviously takes longer to warm up when it's colder out. I've searched and found others with this issue but I haven't read multiple posts saying "___________ fixed my rough start issue". I've read anywhere from reflash needed for stiction to cleaning egr.
Depending on ambient temp, i'll let the truck warm up for about a minute in 50-90 degree weather then I'll drive off. The truck will be really sluggish and the transmission won't shift until it gets to the 2k-3k rpm range but I usually let off the gas a bit so it'll shift before 2500rpm. I once noticed white/gray smoke coming out of the exhaust upon shifting but I haven't been able to duplicate it.
I've cleaned the EGR valve twice with new o-rings each time. First time it wasn't as cruddy as I've seen others' egr valves on the web but I cleaned it good. Second time it was barely sooted up, took a minute to wipe it down. No coolant loss. Scangauge II says EVM(egr valve position measured) and EVD(egr valve position desired) are matched up.
One thing to note is that the EVM and EVD read 0 at any RPM until the truck is warm. Once the truck is warm ~120 F oil temp, the truck will run fine for the rest of the day and on subsequent startups.
Flash needed? new egr valve?

Second issue - Last month I hauled a dump trailer with about 4 yards of dirt each time back and forth to a dump site. It felt sluggish on the first trip but I attributed it to the heavy weight behind me. I was getting on a highway and slammed the gas only to slowly accelerate, again I'm thinking it's just a heavy load. On the way back with just the trailer, my CEL comes on and my scangauge gives me a P0299 (underboost) code. Now it feels like it's lost some power since the CEL, not a huge amount but feels different to me. I checked boost ranges and it will go up to 27 or 28 psi no problem, so I thought I'd just be able to clear it but a month later and the cel comes back repeatedly.
I've read that I just need to clean the vanes. I'm up for the task but any suggestions before I tear into it and clean the turbo?
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