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Exactly, The console was made for these trucks.

The roof bows are not hard to find you can pull the headliner loose and see them or the long console actually reaches to the first dome light and when you drop the dome light, that is where the first roof bow is.

The hole was for a CD, we removed that piece and made our own for the compass setup.

Wiring is all up to you. There isn't much up there, enough to run the dome lights but everything else you will have to add.

I had cut the headliner when I put the original explorer console in, that was just to allow room for the wiring. You really don't need to cut any holes at all, just a couple pokes where the screws go through.

We made the templates to make more consoles like that. Instead of building them we keep finding them for sale here and there, or in a junk yard.

It would be really easy though, they are very sturdy. The above pic where it shows the sagging is not really sagging that is the way they were designed.
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