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so this issue has recently reared its ugly head and I thought i had it figured out but I'm not sure any more.

so while towing my travel trailer, anytime i give it throttle to make the truck downshift, the boost gauge on my torque pro app blinks at me telling me that it read 40-50lbs of boost and then it will go back to the normal levels of boost (under 25lbs)

other times towing during flat areas, in top gear, the truck will all of a sudden start to feel like it is struggling and lose all boost (boost gauge shows a vacuum) and the truck will start spewing black smoke. the VGT gauge will read 15% until I let off the throttle and get back on it again which causes the torque converter to unlock and the truck will start to make boost again.

i thought it was the unison ring and turbo vanes sticking so i pulled the turbo, cleaned it up, made sure the vanes and ring moved freely, and put the truck back together again. she drives just fine, no exhaust leaks or anything that I can detect, but i was able to make the truck lug in 5th gear, force a downshift and it overboosted again.

no codes are being set that the app can read, so i can't help there.

any ideas on what could be causing this issue? EBP and MAP readings are almost identical when KOEO.
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