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Hey guys,

I'm starting up an Ottawa Powerstroke Enthusiast group. I have created a group on Facebook, if you're from the area and would like to join you are more than welcome.
Add me on FB (Matt McNeely) and we can proceed from there. My goal is to have a helpful bunch of guys that are up for meets, G2G, dyno days, tour days, whatever. Could be there start of something awesome, I know there's tons of Superduty trucks roaming the streets of this city.

A little bit of history; I have owned my '99 7.3L for six years. My old man has a 7.3L as well and my brother owns a 6.0L. I rolled my truck 4 years ago, fixed her up and it has still been a bulletproof rig.

Looking forward to getting this going! :icon_ford:

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