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I took my truck out on the interstate for a long drive (over 30 mi) today for the first time since i installed my edge insight. ben taking shot trips prob not enofe time to get the oil all the way up to temp I had been seeing 230 or less but then i was where i was going and cut it off.

I was driving about 70 around some hills and my engine coolant temp stayed about 189 to 195 but my oil temp got up to 250 to 260, 60 to deg hotter than the coolant i have seen some posts that say be alarmed at 250 and it is usuly 30 warmer than the coolant. but when i would get be on flat ground oil temp would be around 245 and the coolant would stay 190.

the outside temp was 75 i am running a hypertech tune on stage 3.. 4in turbo back kit with no cat it is makes a difference here or not

It pukes coolant from time to time eve after i had the egr cooler replaced and i have the egr unplugged now.

Are these oil temps normal?

Could this be the signs of a bad off oil cooler?
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