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I have an 06 Powerstroke 6.0, 125k miles. Replaced FICM 2 years ago. Died on me on the highway, no start. Only code I got was a ICP low code. Replaced the ICP, still no go. So I'm thinking I need to replace the dummy plugs/stand pipes and possibly the IPR valve. Ordered an IPR valve today and decided while i'm waiting for delivery to go ahead and remove the FICM. I then discover the connector ends are all oily and so are the connector ports on the FICM itself, completely filthy. I have no way to test the FICM right now but was wondering if this oil is blowback from the oil rail where I'm eventually going to remove to get to the dummy plugs, etc. Anyone have any idea where this came from and if I can simply just clean it and proceed?

Thanks in advance.
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