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Warranty help
I rarely ask for help or advice, but advice please,

I deploy in one week, was hoping this was not going to be an issue, but now it is and I apologize to lean on the folks here on short notice.....this forum has been a true asset to many, many folks I'm sure.
leak I recognized when installing my lift 5 days ago, it's somewhat new as there are only 20 nickel/dime sized spots my drive way. Wiped down and looked, wiped again; bellhousing wet, rear main area wet, typical leak area, can't find it yet. The truck is under warranty, just turned 30K, Spartan tuned since 8K (DPF/CAT delete/Intake), never beaten or abused (avg 17 mpg hand calculated/mixed drving). I've owned this truck since brand new, have had all service (oil changes) performed by the dealer I purchased from. Purchased/installed/balanced new, 2K worth of tires(biggest duratracs they make for 20's) from same dealer just prior to lift install. I Installed lift and noticed leak.

I KNOW what it could be....

The problem is the dealer is wanting to me to revert the truck to stock form before they do anything. The radius arm drop brackets cover the trans crossmember so they won't touch anything they didn't install (Icon stage II). Ok, I get it; so a day to un-install the lift, and maybe a couple of hours to install the original exhaust then un-tune to stock.

I've got the paperwork saying that once reverted to workable form (stock), they will investigate the leak. My main concern is that if I do the un-install of the lift, I drive up and they say "well you tuned the truck, that's why it's leaking".

So at this point I'm at a crossroad; I'm not afraid to do some work and fix a simple leak myself. I have access to a lift, tools, and the know-how to pull the cab. However, I'm not entirely confident I'll never see the same leak again if dealer fixed and am pondering putting the fix on the dealer or myself. Bed plate I won't do, other things yes. I won't tear down this motor.

This said, and coming back to the warranty, could someone pull a report so I know if they flagged my truck?

Here is the invoice from the service department:

"Oil leak appears to be from rear main area, need to remove transmission to locate leak. However. Lift kit installed on vehicle has made impossible to remove crossmember for continuation. Also, exhaust has been modified in such a manner that engine function and power drastically changed. Ford dictates vehicle be returned to stock condition before repairs be performed. Customer will return GQ1."

I really need the low down on service department jargon and if the report is officially on the "ford" network. Any help is much appreciated.

What do you guys think?

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