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OBS Mods Show Off

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Let's see or hear about them OBS mods!! Big or small post 'em all. Whether you ghetto chromed your valve stems or patented a functioning flux capacitor I wanna know about it!! Lifts, swaps, conversions, wheels, tires, injectors, fuel, oil, turbos, chips, tuners, intakes, exhaust, bumpers, suspension, lights, electrical, mechanical, interior, exterior, audio, visual, *******, hillbilly, hitech, lowtech, home built, store bought, big budget, no budget, low budget, bolt on, stick on or spray on, this is your chance to brag some about what you did that made you proud...or not so much if it failed miserably but let's see or hear about the fails too!!

Don't matter if you did it this morning or ten years ago. Even if you have already posted your mod elsewhere and you think everyone knows about it, post it up again!!

If you glued a 12' CB whip to the middle of your hood and you think that makes your truck worthy of a cover shoot for Diesel Power Mag then I'm talkin to you too!!

No rules other than don't be mean and make fun of someone else's contraption. If it makes the pilot smile then it's a cool mod, roger? Having said that, chatter it up!! Questions, comments, concerns, compliments and condolensces welcome!!!!!!!!!!

If you are gonna post pics, make them detailed close ups of whatever you did that blew your hair back. Don't tell everyone that you installed a fuel pressure gauge then show a glam shot of your truck from 30' away. That's what the OBS pic thread is for. Get in there and show the nitty gritty!

Here's one of mine:

5" homebuilt blow pipe. I guess that would be "audio"? :hehe:
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pretty nice mods :thumb:
I didnt have to tap it. It just had lines going straight down the side. Looked like a star from the top. Hate that I cant think of the word for it.:doh:
i bet that puppy is cold in the winter!
Custom interior from the p/o. I think he said 04 super duty lariat leather, not sure what the rear buckets are from, someone told me maybe explorer... not sure, but pretty unique and I get lots of compliments.
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How did those mount in your truck?
I put 06 SD seats in my Bronco. It was a fairly easy swap. I had to bend a few brackets and notch one. I also used some 1/4" plate for a spacer on a couple legs. Once you play with the legs and get the seats where you need them drill your holes. None of the factory holes were re-used.

so do u reckon seats out of a 99 SuperDuty will fit in my OBS? I'm sure they will if the 06 ones will
its probably for the MAP sensor. A lot of guys move them to right there cause it sees more boost there therefore feeds the motor more fuel
can you explain what ur talkin about?
Did they take up a while bunch more room in the cab than the stock seats Isak?

My kid broke the arm rest on my passenger seat and my driver's seat is getting tired. I think a set of SD Lariat seats would be sweet.
Yeah they fit fine. actually the factory bench seat was 3" wider (door to door) and the SD seats were. So they will fit, but u moreless sit infront of the tach while driving, but you are leaning over on the console anyways :thumb: I didnt do mine perfectly, so they aren't perfectly square but i'm happy with them! I paid $250 and $50 for the guy to drive a little closer for em.

The feet of the seats actually conform to the floor of the truck extremely well. I just drilled right thru the floor and bolted em up as i went. They make it way more comfortable to drive, the weekend i did it i had to haul a tractor and 8000lb bushog to our farm and other farms, and it was such a comfortable drive compared to my bench seat.

I put a new change collector pice on it and seat covers and it looks brand new! :woot:
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I've been lookin for s.d seats like that but cant find a good set for the right price.
ya they aint easy to find. i finally found mine on here! no junk yards for 100+ miles had any wrecked SD's. they have em on ebay if u wanna pay 800-1500-3000 for KR seats

Here's some stuff:
ford 40 20 40 seats items - Get great deals on eBay Motors, Right items on!
Well yeah they are thicker, i'm not sure how much back seat room it'll take up since i got a regular cab... but i seem to sit in the same place as i did with my original seats. i'm a fairly decnet sized fella, 5'10" 185 lbs... if i remember i will pull a tape across it and let ya kno if u want me to
Feed from the filter mount, return to the block. Oil leak from the EBPV and CCV, next on the to-do list
Your EBPV can leak oil??? and whats a CCV? and is there a thread on moving the oil filter location????
ic. i have a leak on the top of my motor i cleaned oil up and got oil between the bolts on the passenger side where the intake bolts to the valve covers....havent looked into it much, dont kno if its from the intake or what but my truck seeps it outta there. also how do you guys reccomend sealing/fixing a leak where the dipstick connects to the oil pan?
They arent lol

well, at least for now, idk, Joe wants to play with it some more, so maybe we will. Other things are in need right now, like bills, and getting back to work
What Dodge mirrors are you wantin to use? the 94-97 or the 98-2002? (hopefully not the flip out mirrors :hehe:)
Yeah the towing mirrors :doh:
Well dont get me wrong, I'm a recovering Cummins-o-holic and I loved the mirrors, but you would have to mount the mirrors to your wingglass or the place the goofy tine OBS mirrors mount and idk if it would look good. I'm gonna search for some pics now.....:crazy:
Oh it looks good, we have already done it without taking off the wing window.
can u post a link fellas?
Thanks dude!
What head unit is that?
Yeah keep us posted on the dodge mirrors!
on the dodge mirrors, has anybody thought about cutting the mirrors somehow so they don't have a triangular mount and boltin em right under the wing glass? it might be too low tho
Check this one out. by far the cleanest and best Dodge mirror convo I have seen! also page 18 has awesome pics of the whole truck. talk about keepin ur wing glass and havin dodge mirrors that look GREAT! :thumb:
Who is interested in a new mirror option for our OBS trucks? - Page 24 - PowerStrokeNation
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