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OBS Mods Show Off

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Let's see or hear about them OBS mods!! Big or small post 'em all. Whether you ghetto chromed your valve stems or patented a functioning flux capacitor I wanna know about it!! Lifts, swaps, conversions, wheels, tires, injectors, fuel, oil, turbos, chips, tuners, intakes, exhaust, bumpers, suspension, lights, electrical, mechanical, interior, exterior, audio, visual, *******, hillbilly, hitech, lowtech, home built, store bought, big budget, no budget, low budget, bolt on, stick on or spray on, this is your chance to brag some about what you did that made you proud...or not so much if it failed miserably but let's see or hear about the fails too!!

Don't matter if you did it this morning or ten years ago. Even if you have already posted your mod elsewhere and you think everyone knows about it, post it up again!!

If you glued a 12' CB whip to the middle of your hood and you think that makes your truck worthy of a cover shoot for Diesel Power Mag then I'm talkin to you too!!

No rules other than don't be mean and make fun of someone else's contraption. If it makes the pilot smile then it's a cool mod, roger? Having said that, chatter it up!! Questions, comments, concerns, compliments and condolensces welcome!!!!!!!!!!

If you are gonna post pics, make them detailed close ups of whatever you did that blew your hair back. Don't tell everyone that you installed a fuel pressure gauge then show a glam shot of your truck from 30' away. That's what the OBS pic thread is for. Get in there and show the nitty gritty!

Here's one of mine:

5" homebuilt blow pipe. I guess that would be "audio"? :hehe:
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Awesome stuff fellas, keep it coming!!!! This is exactly the kind of stuff I was hoping for!!!!

Don't be shy to show off the little low budget things that you are proud of too!!

Maybe you spent an hour polishing your goose neck ball and you are REALLY impressed with how shiny it is...let's see it :hehe:
Post 'em up brother!!

...that is one angry lookin OBS btw :thumb:
Roger that. I'm hopin Bill will bite on this one too and represent the boys from North of 49. I think you threw the gauntlet down to him with your first round of pics :hehe:
^^^ Yeah that's what I'm talkin about dude, choose some of your faves and post 'em up. One at a time, all in a wad, whatever!!

I am thinkin about starting a poll for this thread on most or best or most ******* or whatever mods if it really takes off.
Another one from me. Lotech, lowbudget, ******* class!! I needed switches, I didn't want to cut up my dash, these were free from a scrap pile, I fabbed the brackets, ran some wires and ta-frickin-da...they even light up red :woot:

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OK low budget stuff. Air tank from a semi trailer and my free air horns grabbed out of a scrap bin. (OK I'm cheep)
Ten points dude, now we are into the good stuff :thumb: :hehe:
He11 yes old mods count. Don't matter if you did it this morning or ten years ago. Even if you already posted them elsewhere, let's see 'em :nod: :thumb:
Dude...seriously, that is dedication to cleanliness. You do custom work? :hehe:

Garrett, you gotta post them pics of the dump you found under your seats...especially the minnows!!! :hehe: :hehe:
Oh BTW, I was the first one to come up with the idea of the switch to bypass the parking brake for the AIC, you are infringing on my idea! :D
:hehe: :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:
Thanks Bill :thumb:
My ******* mods:

2. Flag post for hitch with trucker babe
Now this is the shizznit I'm talkin about :nod: :thumb: :hehe:

Buick...I dig the DIY fab fest brother :thumb:

This frickin thread is turning out even better than I hoped!!

Keep 'em comin guys, don't be shy. Like I said BIG OR SMALL, POST 'EM ALL!!!!!!!!!
Ten days of rain and snow in South Sask mod :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

This wasn't even from effin around! Just traveling.

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...a moment of silence for Mike's poor truck. There was a lot of you in that war wagon.
my truck on 22's
Nice. I agree with the other guy, some nasty chewers would look bada$$ on those wheels. Looks like you got a few other things done man, let's see some pics :thumb:

just installed a elec. fan setup
Cool (get it? :hehe:). Got a pic or two?
This is where I used to think it was at

This is where it's at now :nod:

Having said that, I would gladly take either over my pizza cutters on steelies :hehe:
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I still like the old school big sidewall look but dang dude, 35s on 18s or 20s. Wow.
High Idle Mod

Yes its a pair of vise grips.......
:hehe: :hehe: :hehe: sweet!

IMO, big rims belong on newer trucks. with an old school truck it kinda needs to stay with a old school theme. i was thinkin at 1 time of puting 18s on my OBS, but thinkin bak im glad i didnt cuz itd look a lil off to me. but for my 07 mega cab its def gettin 20s with 33s. jus my .02 :thumb:
Mostly agreed but if I EVER get to go shopping for wheels and tires for my truck I want 33s on 18s. I`m hooked on the look :nod:
52" mickeys with 51" rims lol
Wouldn't that be sweet :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

Gonna put 'em on your ghetto lifted Caprice??:hehe:
^^^ :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

I'm spoiled cause I have a AIC :approve:
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