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OBS Mods Show Off

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Let's see or hear about them OBS mods!! Big or small post 'em all. Whether you ghetto chromed your valve stems or patented a functioning flux capacitor I wanna know about it!! Lifts, swaps, conversions, wheels, tires, injectors, fuel, oil, turbos, chips, tuners, intakes, exhaust, bumpers, suspension, lights, electrical, mechanical, interior, exterior, audio, visual, *******, hillbilly, hitech, lowtech, home built, store bought, big budget, no budget, low budget, bolt on, stick on or spray on, this is your chance to brag some about what you did that made you proud...or not so much if it failed miserably but let's see or hear about the fails too!!

Don't matter if you did it this morning or ten years ago. Even if you have already posted your mod elsewhere and you think everyone knows about it, post it up again!!

If you glued a 12' CB whip to the middle of your hood and you think that makes your truck worthy of a cover shoot for Diesel Power Mag then I'm talkin to you too!!

No rules other than don't be mean and make fun of someone else's contraption. If it makes the pilot smile then it's a cool mod, roger? Having said that, chatter it up!! Questions, comments, concerns, compliments and condolensces welcome!!!!!!!!!!

If you are gonna post pics, make them detailed close ups of whatever you did that blew your hair back. Don't tell everyone that you installed a fuel pressure gauge then show a glam shot of your truck from 30' away. That's what the OBS pic thread is for. Get in there and show the nitty gritty!

Here's one of mine:

5" homebuilt blow pipe. I guess that would be "audio"? :hehe:
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Latest mods clear headlights and 7" stack.

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fuel pressure gauge sender.
I have since relocated the sender to isolate it from vibration. Pics of that later.

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whered you get that sending unit?
Came with the gauge.

Glow shift. I can probably get you a part number if you need it.
Jeff,did that 08 console bolt right up or did you have to jury rig it? Looks great
Assuming you are asking me, Yes it was a very easy install for me. My seat has two parallel rails which lined up perfectly with the 08 console. All I had to do was was mark and drill holes in the rail. and put 1/2" shims in to raise it to my desired height. Most of the guys I know with this mod both SD and OBS have had to use the brackets and drill holes in the floor.
posted this in the other obs threads as well.

Finally broke down and masked off my grill and got the inset painted.



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Definately go with tape. Actually was pretty easy just time consuming. I taped it across then folded down and into corners and used an exacto knife to trim it at the edge. then took small pieces and finished the corners off.
:doh:gonna do it again in the future to get it lookin better. you cant tell in my pics but it is kinda rough as I only rubbed it down with scotch bright before shooting it. I also used a rattle can would probably work better with a real automotive paint and a qualified painter.
Not installed yet but this is my next mod.

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Oasis04, where did your clear headlights at?
EBay you have to look under bronco headlights.:)
Here is my GO...

Wanna race? :hehe:
Sure I will race you with my truck!!!:nod:

I get to pick the road.:hehe::rofl::hehe::rofl:
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Pics of winter grill:thumb:



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Not a home made mockup. That's a commercially made Lund product.
It's also less chromy in real life. It's polished stainless.
i painted that overhead piece thing i got from junkyard tonight and goin to put it on tomorrow i kinda want to put somehing sweet up there like my CB or back up camera would be cool :hehe: i dont know i jus putting it up there tomorrow then think when its up there
This is how I did mine. I like the back up camera idea.

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Finally got it painted and installed.:woot::thumb:
It has only been in the corner for six months waiting.:doh:
Been wanting a lighted visor since I got this truck over 7 yrs ago.

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Wind noise seems to be inconsequential especially considering I am straight piped and a single stack. Although I have not had it on the interstate at 70mph. I did run it up to 60 for a bit and there is no buffetting or vibration. I generally only run 60 all the time do to my 4.10 gearing or she really drinks the fuel.
The one on my old 95 gasser rattled some in high winds, the one on my 97 seems fine so far.
What would be awesome is if someone would make some lenses for these visors that are similar to the diamond cut headlights, throw some LED's in there and it would look real slick IMO!
There is such a guy and that is on the to do list.:thumb:
Took a couple night pics of the visor.
Clear lense link to follow.

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Here is the link to the guy on ebay with the clear lenses for the moonvisor.
I am going to order a set very soon I think.

CLEAR Lund Moonvisor Lenses Lens Truck Visor Cab Light | eBay
Well the to-do list is official.:icon_ford:
Clear lenses and leds ordered.:nod:
Pics sometime next week.:thumb:
Truck goes under the wrench.

Off with the old.

On with the new.

Upgraded pads too.

Rotors are cryogenically treated powerslots. Pads are the Velvet touch F1 carbon metallic hi-performance.
So far I believe I am going to be very happy with this mod. Looking forward to doing some heavy towing.
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