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OBS Mods Show Off

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Let's see or hear about them OBS mods!! Big or small post 'em all. Whether you ghetto chromed your valve stems or patented a functioning flux capacitor I wanna know about it!! Lifts, swaps, conversions, wheels, tires, injectors, fuel, oil, turbos, chips, tuners, intakes, exhaust, bumpers, suspension, lights, electrical, mechanical, interior, exterior, audio, visual, *******, hillbilly, hitech, lowtech, home built, store bought, big budget, no budget, low budget, bolt on, stick on or spray on, this is your chance to brag some about what you did that made you proud...or not so much if it failed miserably but let's see or hear about the fails too!!

Don't matter if you did it this morning or ten years ago. Even if you have already posted your mod elsewhere and you think everyone knows about it, post it up again!!

If you glued a 12' CB whip to the middle of your hood and you think that makes your truck worthy of a cover shoot for Diesel Power Mag then I'm talkin to you too!!

No rules other than don't be mean and make fun of someone else's contraption. If it makes the pilot smile then it's a cool mod, roger? Having said that, chatter it up!! Questions, comments, concerns, compliments and condolensces welcome!!!!!!!!!!

If you are gonna post pics, make them detailed close ups of whatever you did that blew your hair back. Don't tell everyone that you installed a fuel pressure gauge then show a glam shot of your truck from 30' away. That's what the OBS pic thread is for. Get in there and show the nitty gritty!

Here's one of mine:

5" homebuilt blow pipe. I guess that would be "audio"? :hehe:
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fuel pressure gauge sender.
I have since relocated the sender to isolate it from vibration. Pics of that later.

whered you get that sending unit?
lol its not a obs but its been awhile since i posted anything lol
I could post up old pic.s of all the crap I did to my OBS (or atleast the pic.s I have left of what I did to it)
yea I did alot of custom stuff and modified alot of OEM parts and then later added alot to the motor
grille ventilation helped keep EGTs low

metal door handle helped keep me from breaking them off

wheel well ventilation for the filter
main power switch and secondary switchs for the 2nd fuse panel I installed for additional electical equipment
the good ol steson holder
whelen TIR 3 LEDs
tool box and cut off the exhaust
Int. door sill (before removal of the plastic crap to put LEDs under it)
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Int. grille emblem

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when I went from a 4" stack to a 6" stack :)

re did the headliner
mud flap girl, it was the wifes idea, but I liked it
when I pulled my injectors

when I painted my stack flat black

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the knob on the driver seat was for my DIY 2.2K - 10k mod

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did the drilling of your grill help out at all??
yes it helped keep the EGTs down

i like the black painted speaker covers int he door panels:thumb:
I painted the dash and the trim in the cab as well,and all the small stuff when I pulled the head liner out and the interior panels. Black,grey and aluminumized was the color of the hole interior of the cab.
nice i might have to try it out
if you do dont do it like I did, do a nice inline uniform set of holes for your drilling. It'll look so much better
found a 95 OBS ext. cab long bed 4x4 in VA today !!!!!!!! CHEAP needs glass doors rear tail light assymblies and headlights,grille,radiator, and
Sounds like a real winner there...
its a start I guess,gotta start over with somthing with a PSD in it lol

...a moment of silence for Mike's poor truck. There was a lot of you in that war wagon.
thank you sir. :( Lotta wrenchs turned,lotta duct tape and bailing twine used (lol),lotta hours and a lotta beers went by working on and coming up with the next thing to "make it mine", I had planned to paint it burnt orange this summer,and throw 4"s of air under it. Time to start over. The jeep is a start but its not the same, its like the honda, just something to get by moding,I need to find another diesel:nod:
i hav a motor and the taillights. lol

i bet between everyone on here we could come up with all the parts to put that obs back together
:) That would be awsome.

Not tryin to pour salt in an open wound here, but what happened to it? I see by your sig it got burned up- did it catch fire itself or was it parked somewhere that caught fire?
It spontaiously combusted at 4am in the lower carport of my house,which in turn caught the house on fire, which myself,my wife and our 1 & 1/2 yo son barely made it out of. According to Ford and the insurance agency it wasnt the recalled part that is connected with the CC (which is KNOWN to spontaniously combust),but instead they say it started somewhere near the alternator. (which I say is impossible)

that pic is in what used to be his house :sad:
:( yup
Dang man that sucks, but it sounds like you and the family made it out okay which is the important part!
44"s on 28"s man fo sheezy
what about 52" mickey thompsons with 40" rims
52" mickeys with 51" rims lol
High Idle Mod

Yes its a pair of vise grips.......
:hehe::hehe::hehe:rotfflmao I used a broken shovel handel for mine :hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:

Wouldn't that be sweet :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

Gonna put 'em on your ghetto lifted Caprice??:hehe:
hells yea foo it'd be straight pimpin ya hurd foo shizzle :hehe:
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