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OBS Mods Show Off

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Let's see or hear about them OBS mods!! Big or small post 'em all. Whether you ghetto chromed your valve stems or patented a functioning flux capacitor I wanna know about it!! Lifts, swaps, conversions, wheels, tires, injectors, fuel, oil, turbos, chips, tuners, intakes, exhaust, bumpers, suspension, lights, electrical, mechanical, interior, exterior, audio, visual, *******, hillbilly, hitech, lowtech, home built, store bought, big budget, no budget, low budget, bolt on, stick on or spray on, this is your chance to brag some about what you did that made you proud...or not so much if it failed miserably but let's see or hear about the fails too!!

Don't matter if you did it this morning or ten years ago. Even if you have already posted your mod elsewhere and you think everyone knows about it, post it up again!!

If you glued a 12' CB whip to the middle of your hood and you think that makes your truck worthy of a cover shoot for Diesel Power Mag then I'm talkin to you too!!

No rules other than don't be mean and make fun of someone else's contraption. If it makes the pilot smile then it's a cool mod, roger? Having said that, chatter it up!! Questions, comments, concerns, compliments and condolensces welcome!!!!!!!!!!

If you are gonna post pics, make them detailed close ups of whatever you did that blew your hair back. Don't tell everyone that you installed a fuel pressure gauge then show a glam shot of your truck from 30' away. That's what the OBS pic thread is for. Get in there and show the nitty gritty!

Here's one of mine:

5" homebuilt blow pipe. I guess that would be "audio"? :hehe:
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Lets see...

Just gonna do my Unique Mods.

Deluxe Sun Visors
Gentex Auto-Dim/Compass Mirror
Crown Vic EATC
Taurus Dome Light
Bronco Signal Mirrors
F150 Power Seat
F150 Mudflaps
Pioneer 8" LCD Monitor
Rear View Camera
Clarion DVD Player
Complete Performance Quad Pod
Aeroforce Scan Gauge

And, whatever you see here

Sadly, nothing under the hood :(
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Custom interior from the p/o. I think he said 04 super duty lariat leather, not sure what the rear buckets are from, someone told me maybe explorer... not sure, but pretty unique and I get lots of compliments.
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They look like Explorer Front Seats (in the rear) for sure. And, They look really comfy :) But Than TAN steering wheel, looks like its out of a Taurus.
Garrett you have twice as much done to your truck as any of us and you havent even gone under the hood yet. i love it!
I Love my creature Comforts!

Its so much nicer to drive now with the power seat, cause I can make the seat support my legs more :nod:

And the girl wont bark my ear off all the time if I toss in a DVD to watch :rofl:
how hard is it to do that climate control from a crown vic?
If you can solder, and have patience, its not real bad. But the hard part is finding all the parts, and there is ALOT of modification involved.
Found somethin else in the JY today, that I put on my 96. Ill post it up later :)
Roger that. I'm hopin Bill will bite on this one too and represent the boys from North of 49. I think you threw the gauntlet down to him with your first round of pics :hehe:
:hehe: Yeah probably did. :hehe:

Here is what I got today, whats nice too is the bezel has a removable faceplate to the right of where the Diesel Warning lights are, so I can fab up a nice switch panel and put it there, with NO HOLES DRILLED!:thumb:

Pulled it out of a Bronco, and gonna either black out part of the switch, or leave it as is. Use them for Reverse lights, or Aux lights. There is a nice heavy gauge wire feeding in and out of the switch which makes it perfect for large lights. But if using a Relay, it wont matter lol

Whats nice is, it lights up with the instrument lights, and will dim with it too, and has an indicator light as well, and looks super factory :)

Too many to post..RS kits with Icon lift springs, '08 axles in a '97 with suspension, 20" wheels and 2.5" level kit, Also '95 with '07 axles, 4" 4 link suspension in front F codes rear 20" wheels shots of everything else..check my webshots.

I got that on my List of TO DO's as well!

And I paid 400 shipped for those wheels :) have like two scratches on them, and nothing worth complaining about! :woot:

Now If I can get some money scraped up, thats not spent, i might have them in this summer
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My minnow mod. :hehe:

And the rust mod

Took all night to clean the carpet, and it looks ALOT better now... But still needs some more TLC. And I just changed the seats, and delt with that crap.
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Very nice Bill, How does the one touch down work for you? I thought about such a modification!
Garrett, are the signal mirrors heated as well?
Thats a big N-O. You can send your mirrors to MUTH, and they will install a signal, and heat for you, but the signal wont be like the bronco style. They will be a single row, bigger arrow found on most vehicles, typically the chevys.
I emailed them, and they can retrofit them... for a price.

"In order to quote a price for the mirrors we would need to know exactly what you would be sending to us. We would also need to know if you are looking at unheated or heated mirrors. A typical aftermarket kit is $219.00 for unheated and $269.00 for heated. The price would not be less than this.

Sue Kohls
Customer Service Specialist"

There is a black backing plate behind the mirror glass, so you'd have to drill it out as well. AND dont figure on getting the glass out in one peice cause your gonna break it, its a MOFO to get out.
How did you get the paddle, off the mount? Mine were pressed together
Thats a hell of a hitch mount Abbot! lol

And Bill, detailed pictures, I know you has them lol
Cant see your photos Fordman!

Try and do them over, get rid of some of the http:// stuff :)
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Sounds like a real winner there...
20's belong on 35" tires or larger, and 18's on 33's - 35's and 16's or 17's on anything smaller than.
Im talking normal sizes here lol
I have 17's and 33-34"s now lol
Uh, do you drive that truck at all? LOL

And what lens did you use to get that picture in ur sig Matt?!
That sucks :(

And, its a nice pic Matt, I need a wide angle lens for m T1I. :/
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