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Here is my write up for removing and installing injectors on an OBS truck, here I was upgrading to stage 1 injectors

So here it is before even getting started

What you are going to want to do first is remove the decorative engine cover if you have it. Then remove the entire intake all the way to the turbo inlet.

Next went to remove the passenger side valve cover which is held on by 10mm bolts. Note also that the oil dipstick is attatched to the valve cover by 1/2" bolts which you will have to undo as well.

Next I removed the drivers side valve cover, first though I removed the crank case vent sitting on top of the valve cover which you can see removed where the two holes are

Here is a pic with the passenger side valve cover removed revealing the injectors and the gasket and the two UVCHs.

Now you are going to want to disconnect the connection to the valve cover gasket from the outside as well as the connection to the UVCHs. Then unplug the connections to each injector and pull off the connection to each glow plug on the UVCHs and them pull off the valve cover gaskets and UVCHs

And repeat the same on the drivers side

Here is what each side will look like with all of the above mentioned removed. And if you look at this pic notice the copper color plug sitting toward the top of the head between the first two injector and below the connector that was hooked to the valve cover gasket

You are going to want to remove this plug known as the oil galley plug to drain the oil out of the rails. There is another plug located between the rear two injectors and these are on both sides so you have four total. Use a 1/8" hex bit to remove then and be sure to tap the bit in with a rubber mallet to be sure the hex bit is seated in the plug or you could risk stripping the plug. Once these are removed allow the oil to drain for about 30 minutes. Here is a pic with the oil galley plugs removed

And here is a pic of all the stuff removed so you can be sure you have got everything

After allowing the oil to drain it is time to remove the top bolt holding each injector in and the oil deflector sitting on each injector. The oil deflectors are the small silver pieces next to the injectors held on by a 5mm allen bolt so undo that bolt to remove the deflector. Then to remove the upper retaining bolt on each injector use an 8mm socket. There is no need to remove the lower retaining bolt

Then from the opposite side of where you removed the bolt push the retaining collar forward and starting the the rear injectors first, use a prybar to pry up on the retaining collar to pop out the injectors. Also be sure to start with the rear injectors first as the engine is on an angle so any oil will flow that direction. After that take a 10mm deep socket bit and remove each of the glow plugs if you wish to replace them at this time which is highly recommended. Here is a pic with all the injectors removed

And all the glow plugs and injectors sitting out

Now to reinstall go ahead and first lube up all the injectors, especially around the o-rings liberally before putting them back in. Then go ahead and start putting the injectors in and use a rubber mallet to tap them in the rest of the way to be sure they are seated. Then reinstall the retaining bolts and torque them to 10ftlbs and oil deflectors, and galley plugs.

Then before going any further you need to purge the cylinders of any oil to prevent hydro locking. So with nothing else hooked up, hook the batteries back up and crank the engine over with the key a few times. You will see oil coming out of the glow plug holes. Do this until just a mist comes out.

Once this is done go ahead and reinstall the glow plugs, preferably new ones.

Then hook the UVCHs back up along with the valve cover gaskets and the wiring that runs to them. Also refill the HPOP. Now it is time to get the engine started. You should do it first with the valve covers off to inspect if anything is wrong. Crank for about 15 seconds then let the starter rest for a minute or so. Dont get scared it took me about 25 minutes to get it going. Once you do let it run for a couple minutes.

Once that is done go ahead and put the valve covers and everything else back on

Once all that is back on go ahead and start it again and drive it for about 50 miles to get all the air out and be easy on it so you dont risk scoring the tips of the nozzles and enjoy the new injectors!
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