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obs headlight/marker/turn signal remove/install

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ok here it is i been talking bout doing this for a couple days to help some guys out

tools you will need, or atleast i used with plenty of success
1/4 drive socket wrench, 12 mm deep well socket, phillips head screw driver, and 8 mm socket

first start by removing the grill, there are 4 phillips screws across the top, and get the 2 screws on top of the light surrounds as well, total 8 screws

(not there is a screw below the ford emblem in the middle and i have a billet grill.)

next your gonna want to have some small arms for this or remove the batteries or move them over, use your 12mm socket and find the holes in front of the battery on either side, if you look down there you can see the back of the turn signal, there are holes on both sides of where the bulb plugs in use your deep well 12mm there to find the nut inside there.

(the hole on the outside is actually in the bend there on the left)

once you get those nuts off, just un twist the bulbs when you pull it out there are 3 different ones, 2 on bottom, and 1 on the top side for the marker.

this is it when you get it off, real simple for that.

next there are exactly eleven 8mm bolts that hold the big plastic headlight support in, there are 2 on the outside of each headlight, there are 3 across the bottom, and then 2 on the inside of both headlights its not as noticable as the rest

and the whole thing will pop rite off just make sure you feed the bulbs through the holes and not to rip them out.

now when you get the giant plastic peice off with the head lights on it still there are 3 metal tabs that hold the headlight in on the back

these tabs i just bent out the sides a bit and pulled them straight off, worked pretty good, try not to mangle them up to much, your gonna have to re-use them. once your new headlights go in same as you pulled the old ones out your done, re-install exactly how you removed.

a little help never hurts either

if you need anymore piks let me know i have to put these back on my crew cab still, only did my superrcab so far

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nice! :icon_ford:
yeah, was fun doing it twice in a day, didnt get it done in the time i wanted to kause my old lady made me go out for some fried chicken. but it looks way better just havent installed the grill on the crew cab yet kause i wanna trade it for the stock one
Mine was an 11mm or 7/16" nuts on the lower marker light studs.
yeah y super cab had a different size than my crew cab did too, thought it was weird, but then i think 2 of them were same size as crew cab was, and 1 was missing, the other was the different size
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