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OBS F250 Axle swap 99-04 Super Duty Axles/Leafs without RSK? (Have 2004 Rolling chassis on hand with everything)

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Hello everyone, I am in an interesting predicament now with an Axle swap and research has been a bit tough for my specific situation. I am looking to get a few questions answered so I can get this done and potentially make a writeup. Also yes, this is NOT 05+, Yes I fully understand it is not as good, and yes, I am fully aware of the fact this as is does not "work" without some kits, just getting this out of the way now.

So lets lay out what I have:
1996 F250 XLT 4x4 Extended cab Long bed (155" WB) with the lovely 7.3l PowerStroke. 3.55 Gear ratio and the E4OD. Suspension is stock (Also becoming a pain to maintain) I've wanted some minor lift and to use this truck in some mild off-road trails, and to be honest I do not trust my current suspension to do what I want, and lifting it as is, no thanks.

Here is what I just got my hands on:
2004 F350 Super Duty 4x4 rolling chassis. 3.73 Gear ratio, Dana 60 up front, D1 axle code (Limited SLIP HECK YEAH). (156" WB) Previously had crew cab, what looks to be short bed, and everyone's favorite 6.0. Looks to be lifted, guy who sold it to me said it cleared 35" tires. The current front tires are 265/75/R16, rear seems to be 285/75/R16, so it really does look a bit tall.

So it has no motor, no transmission, no bed, no cab, no front drive shaft, and a lot of the engine bay stuff is just gone.

There are some harnesses, and misc wiring left over, some of it is a win, but I will list what I can see as there.
Here is what I have to work with:
Both axles
All the leaf springs
All the leaf spring mounts
All the shocks (Rancho)
All the shock mounts
Track bar
Front and rear sway bar
Drag links, tie rods, what appears to be a steering stabilizer
Gearbox, Pitman arm, I also believe the power steering pump
I also believe I have the point the axles vacuum lines go to for interior hub locking (I would like to have this as an option)
Fuel tank (I think its the 38 gallon, totally using this later)
Drive line from rear axle to transmission, has the Flange left on it.
Wheels, Tires, brakes (I will be refreshing the brakes thats a given) Also brake lines.
The entire frame
Receiver hitch (my existing is actually sorta bent and it looks like some of the metal tore, just that part tho, will use this one)
Some front tow rings, might find a place for them
and a bunch of other things that are just, there, not sure how useful, old cab mounts, wiring, the exhaust system, its all just there.

Also to note, I believe this is mildly lifted, I think 4" was mentioned, it seems to be, but not a ton. If it works out im happy. I am not fully sure on brand or how much right now.

So, here is what I intend to ask. What can I pull from this frame and install onto my frame? How much can I get away with from this frame without buying brackets etc? I know pretty much everyone says go get RSK and adjustable track bar, but on my rolling chassis I have mounts that look like they could bolt up to the same area on my frame and just, work. I don't know about the trackbar, but it is there. Could I just harvest everything off of this frame, bolt it to mine, and have it work? Just looking at it, I do not see why I couldn't, and that is why I ask.

I will have a stimulus check here soon, so I will be getting fresh parts, and if I do need X kit, I can grab it. I would have followed some existing writeup but I could not find any that really answered my question, and I am not sure I have the same setup that a stock truck would have. Since I have not found much of what I am asking in a writeup, are there any that you guys have found that might cover this? I have not seen any in my research thus far, I only saw one guy claim he didn't use RSK, links in post are useless now, so I am just looking for a good place to start.

Please give me some feedback if possible, am I just ignorant to some blatant writeup that I somehow glossed over or is this a mostly normal easy thing to do and I am just bad at research, I just need that sanity check.

Here are some images to show what I am working with, maybe you can spot something I was completely unaware of or know what is up with this chassis. Is it stock, would it bolt on, am I an idiot for buying this? (wasn't very expensive)

Front view, also I already have a 3" downpipe so that is basically scrap metal to me.

Is that a factory steering stabilizer or no? If not cool to have?

Rear shackles, no front driveline, sway bar.

Full length of front leaf's, interesting bracket on the front outer that I have never seen.

Rear view of front axle Front leaf shackle. Also I am not sure what that front beam/crossmember/thingy is.

Rear full leaf. Wish I got a picture of the leaf pack but that's best I could find at the moment.

Rear view, also I do not know what that thing with the cone sticking through the center back is, some sort of horn?

Driveline, has flange, needs work.

I hope these images come out well, just some I though to grab today, maybe help find what isnt stock about this quickly. Any writeup's that cover similar stuff would be appreciated. Thank you for putting up with my ramblings!
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That horn thing is the spare tire pulley system
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Ok I might be over complicating things but after some digging, for the most part I just need RSK and trackbar mount to bolt it all on? If the pitman arm works then just leave it and should be all I really need to modify?
I finally did the swap a ways back but, I figure since this is so searchable, I can update it.

The only drilling i had to do was to the rear leaf spring eyelets on the front, and front eyelets for the rear, and some holes for my Sky Off Road Design Panhard bar. I will be adding more holes shortly for the sway bar.

I used the F350 blocks and the 2.5" PMF Reverse Shackle kit, and it lifted my truck up quite a ways, with minor bumper trimming I fit 35x12." tires.

I certainly need sway bars after this, the truck has a lot of body roll. I also purchased but need to install, the longer Pitman arm I got from Sky Off Road Design as well. For the rear I used Sky Off Road Designs conversion shackle as well, it was quick and easy.

I did use Sky Off Road Designs conversion ujoint for the front axle, and their yolk to adapt my 96 driveshaft to the Sterling 10.5. I managed to be lucky on that front as well, I now have limited slip and rear disk brakes. I forget the size, I just compared parts on Orilleys website for the rear brake hose to the axle, I ended up needing an adapter fitting but the brakes all connected fine and it was mostly plug and play. I would suggest getting the conversion lines however, I do worry about the length of my stock F250 lines on the front.

I still need to connect my ebrake, it was just barely reaching and I am lazy.

I did also get some grease zerks from Riff Raff Diesel Performance for the Unit Bearing hubs, these replace the ABS connectors.

This is far from exhaustive or even a write up, but I can say, it took me like two days dealing with the old bolts and everything, not terribly bad.

The things I wish I had done mid install, maybe save you some headache:
REMOVE THE DANA 50 PIVOTS FROM UNDER THE ENGINE CRADLE!!! I used a sawzall with the axle fully installed, but would have been way easier before hand. I forgot to and when I heard a clunk going over a bump it was that reminder.
Installing the Panhard Bar mount, I did this after full install, and it was a pain to drill out the frame holes at weird angles, just do it while you have room to, would save you a lot of headache.

Here are some pics I have of the truck.
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle
Cloud Tire Sky Wheel Land vehicle
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Wheel Cloud Tire Sky Vehicle

If you have any questions, I may be able to help, I am just tossing this together randomly while I remember and am searching for any information on the sway bars, I purchased the Sky Off Road Design extended links, and I am about to go install them with the longer pitman arm.
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