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I'm looking at buying an 05 F250 CC 122k miles, and just got the Oasis back. What are y'all's opinions on this? I know that the HPOP failure and EGR are fairly common, but the injector kind of scares me. I know how to fix the EGR issue, but is there anyway to help prevent injector or HPOP failure? Thanks in advance. Here is a summary of the Oasis.

"no open recalls, had a EGR cooler and oil cooler @ 96840 on 2/7/07, a high pressure oil pump and #8 injector @ 96969 on 2/14/07, fan clutch @ 96969 on 2/14/07, and another high pressure oil pump @ 98680 on 4/6/08"

The people that have it now said they have driven it for a year without issues, but who can be trusted these days...:dunno:
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