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O/D flashing, no speedo, hard shifting now slips out of gear completely.

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Thanks for the help in advance.

My 2000 7.3 has 230k miles and 30k (3 years) on a rebuilt trans. The past 3 months the O/D light comes on after a few miles and randomly the speedo stays at 0 until I stop and turn off then back on. I drove almost 1000 miles in the past 2 weeks and I noted it was shifting hard through all the gears. Today I let the truck idle for 10 minutes (AC for the dog) when I get back in and put it into gear there was nothing.. As if in neutral, I moved the shifter through the gears with different rpms.. I turned it off and sprayed electric cleaner into every plug that went into the trans and a cluster of plugs a over the drivers wheel well. It then engaged as normal and I drove a few miles until a stop then it slipped out of gear and didn't re engage. After the hour tow home it engaged as normal and I parked it. Now guys. Where do I start?!?!? Trans filter change? More electric parts cleaning? Valve pack?
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My o/d flashes and my speedo doesn't work alot of times as well I can normally stop at a red light for a few seconds and go again and the speedo will start working but I have also noticed sit slipping as well any info would be awesome
I've searched through many posts on here and other Ford sites and not one person ever said the VSS-Vehicle Speed Sensor corrected this problem. I have a 1995 F-250 Turbo Diesel 4-wheel dr. and at 52,000 miles it started very hard shifts and long time in low, OD-overdrive shifter light flashing, and speedometer not working. All my fuses are good after checking in cab and under hood and sight checking. I replaced the VSS and like I figured it did not help. I think my problem is the FIPL sensor-fuel injection Pump lever sensor. So, I think it's on the injector pump under the cover so I will check that next if I can find it. We do have some good diesel mechanics in town so I might get some help too.
I would be grateful if anyone could verify how they fixed this problem. I've heard that fuses fixed it, that replacing the instrument panel speedometer fixed it once, so has anyone fixed this problem in a 1994-2004 power stroke F-250 or like engine by replacing the FIPL sensor?
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