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My name's Rob. I'm a college student from Louisiana and have been the proud owner of a 2005 f-250 for about two years now. I've been doing plenty of reading on the org since I first got the truck and have now embarked on a full bulletproofing project (minus studs). I'm hoping that I can get a little guidance from guys who have already gone through this :please:

In case any of you that happen to read this have an answer for me, my first question is about the carbon build up within the intake system resulting from the egr and the CCV. I have cleaned out the intake manifold itself and it's looking a thousand times better, but there was not only gunk inside of the manifold, but into the intake ports on the block as well... What should I do about the gunk on the ports??:dunno:

One of the ideas that has been suggested to me was to get a shop vac and scrape the build up around the ports up into the vac with a screw driver.

Should I try to get the gunk out? Should I not worry about it and move on? Or a third option which will likely occur anyway... Should I run the hell out of it when back together in an effort to clear it out?
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