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WCS Logo - How to add it!


Here are the logos - Large and Small -

WCS Logo - Large

WCS Logo - Small

Here's how to add them to your Signature to show your support for the West Coast Strokers!

1. Click on which logo you want. It will open.
2. Right click on the logo and click on Save Picture As in the drop down menu - This will cause the logo to save to your local drive. Name it what you want and save it to your drive.
3. Upload that logo to your gallery.
4. Once in your gallery, open the logo.
5. Right click the image. Click Properties in the drop down menu.
6. Highlight the "HTTP://" line and right click in the highlighted area. Click on Copy.
7. Go to the top of the page. In the Nav bar below your screen name on the right, click User CP.
8. Click Edit Signature.
9. In the Edit box, add the logo in there where you want it (if you have other information in there) as a URL by clicking on "Insert Link" (World with a chain), CTRL V to add it to the Insert link window. Click OK.

It is now in your signature. Enjoy.
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