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1996 7.3l Powerstroke Manual Tranny
Been scouring the forum trying to pinpoint my problem, but can't find my exact situation.

Truck was idling and had just done a long 1000mi trip pulling my 5th wheel with no problems. 2 days later it just died while idling and would not start. No problems up to that point.

Immediately replaced CPS. No luck
Replaced IPR - No Luck
Replaced Fuel Pump - No luck
Disconnected ICP - No Start
Swapped IDM temporarily - No Start or change
Removed Valve covers - No oil seems to be spurting out of injectors
Disconnected harnesses and no oil is spurting out of a stuck poppet.
(as far as I can tell. I'm not sure exactly where on the injector the oil is supposed to be coming from?)
Ran Buzz test. Pass first few times with no codes
Now I get:
P1271 - Cylinder 1 High to Low side open
P1272 - Cylinder 2 High to Low side open
P1273 - Cylinder 3 High to Low side open
P1274 - Cylinder 4 High to Low side open
May have jiggled some wire somewhere?

IPR seems to stay at 178 PSI but will sparratically read 2400+ (maybe the default non connected ICP value?)
IPR Volts - not cranking = .21
Cranking = .45
IPR Duty Cycle - Not Cranking = 14.84%
Cranking = 54.68
Oil temp reading normal

With the low IPR reading I'm thinking HPOP needs to be replaced But would like some input before I shell out all of that money. Also Would an upgraded pump with no other aftermarket addons be appropriate? If so what kind/type would be best?

If it's not my HPOP, what else would cause these symptoms?
How much oil is supposed to come out of the injectors?
Is there a screen or possible clog point in the HPOP system that may just be clogged?
Should I spend money on the adapters and HPOP pressure tester?
I don't think I have any kind of performance chip installed, but not sure where to look. I know where the IDM is, but not sure how to locate PCM and know if it has a chip in it

Any help is greatly appreciated! I need to get my truck running ASAP.

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Mine did turn out to be the HPOP.

Do you have live data scan tool like AutoEnginuity, Snap-On, Star, etc?

If so you can troubleshoot it very easily by monitoring ICP, ICP Duty Cycle, and RPMs.

Injector Control Pressure needs to be at least 400PSI to start

Let me see if I have permissions to attach a PDF that makes diagnosing this problem easy View attachment No Start Trouble Shooting.pdf

Let me know if you don't have a scan tool. There are other ways to troubleshoot, but they are primitive. You can get a refurbished Autoenginuity on ebay cheap and the enhanced ford package can be had fairly cheap with a google search.

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If you're getting the same error codes then check all of the fuses under the hood. I had one of the IDM fuses that was blown.
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