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97 F350 7.3 Automatic. Ran fine a couple days ago, no issues to note. Parked it, sat for a couple days and did get down to about 40 overnight here (which is colder than it has been recently).

Went outside to start it this morning (did not have the block heater plugged in). Wait to start light came on for 8-10 seconds, cranked strong when it went off, but no start. Did this about 10-12 times and then remembered some of these post I have seen on here with different sensors going out, and the questions you guys always ask the person with the issue .. soooo I started looking over the gauges while I was cranking.

Wait to start light comes on for 8-10 seconds every time. Oil pressure gauge builds while cranking, white smoke from the exhaust, and the tach is jumping with the cranks. Fuel filter is new as of a few hundred miles ago. PO says glow plugs and glow plug relay is new ... can't verify that. It does try to start once every few cycles of ~ key off, key on, WTS light, and crank~. This attempt to start is like one cylinder fires and then it dies.

Where do I start? Thanks in advance for any help! :dunno:
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