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Hey everyone, ive tried to read as much as i could before posting, Ill try to provide as much information as i can. i have a good scanner so i can read most things.

2004 F350 6.0L
350k km

Just replaced EGR and OIL COOLERS with bulletproof diesel parts.(new hpop screen, new orings and seals etc) can crank it over really well and it sounds like its about to fire but never quite gets there.

Heres where i am at now...

-new oil, filter, fuel filters, etc
-only fault codes are for #5,#6 glow plugs
-secondary fuel bowl fills, no air bubbles with key on
-cranks like a son of a *****, (4 batteries on it to keep it from dying with long cranks)
-good oil pressure reading on the dash
-FICM @ 47 volts while cranking
-FICM relay good
-has FICM sync
-has CMP/CK sync
-minimal white smoke from tailpipe
-tried unplugging ICP, no change
-ICP reads ~1300psi
-IPR duty cycle ~40%
-checked relays under the dash/left side under hood (tried swapping some to see if i could find a bad one)
-emergency fuel shutoff switch checked
-truck was even plugged in the block heater to help with lack of glow plugs

Let me know if i can get any more information that would help to figure this out.

Hoping someone can send me in the right direction!

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