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I have a problem with my 2006 6.0. It is absolutely stock except for BP EGR cooler. I blew a charge intercooler tube while I was pulling an enclosed trailer. I changed all the hoses. I really have not towed since then. The hoses have not blown off since but a test drive with no trailer at wide open throttle got me to 27 psi of boost for a short period of time. EBP pressure measures correctly with KOEO. Turbo is a brand new (not reman) Garrett OEM. MAF is new.
I cannot seem to read the IAT1 temperature from the MAF. I tried it 2 ways
IAT1 07E0221123 046205110623 3010 000100010000
MAT 07E02216E0 0462051606E0 3008 00090005FFD8
IAT1 reads a big number like 8740. MAT always reads “-40”.
I have checked both wires from the IAT1 in the MAF back to the PCM. Both wires have continuity. This to me says the PCM is bad. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Ray
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