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NEW for the 6.0L Powerstroke owners!

The XDP Crankcase Ventilation Kit allows you to re-route the CCV system in your 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. Each kit includes fittings and hose needed to re-route the CCV to a location or catch can of your choice.

Find out more here:
2004.5-2007 - XD80
2003-2004 - XD279


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interesting kit

Continental states

Do not use for fuel or oil transfer applications.

Designed for heater hose applications where resistance to antifreeze coolants and underhood temperatures are required.
do you think it's fine for oil , fuel and cranckase vapors?

I personally went with Continental ContiTech Aggie Gas Farm Fueling Transfer Hose it is cheap and oil approved

also just found out Goodyear is now Continental hose
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