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Hey guys! I've been lurking around for a couple months and made a couple posts, but figured it was time to formally introduce myself. I purchased a 2005 F-250 CCSB 6.0 Bulletproofed Super Duty back in October with 117k on the clock. My first truck was an '01 F-250 CCSB with the 7.3 and my last truck was an '06 F-350 CCLB 6.0 bulletproofed diesel as well.

I can never let my vehicles be, so for the past few weekends, I've been diligently working on several small projects. I don't have any good (in the sun) photos of my truck as it sits right now, but I'll get one up soon. Here's what I've done recently:

o Insulated my AirDog Lift Pump b/c it vibrates against the frame under my seat
o Hard wired my Beltronics STI Magnum radar to upfitter switch #3
o Hard wired my DVR-027 driving camera to upfitter switch #4
o Leather treated all my seats and removed random red stains from previous owner
o Used a heat gun to restore my plastics (bed rail covers, cowl cover, etc) to their original color
o Did the "fog light mod" so my fogs stay on with my brights
o Did the "door seal mod" to create a better seal for the doors
o Swapped out the stock 5 spoke 20" wheels for 20" KMC Series 125 wheels (black with chrome lip)
o Sprayed taillights and 3rd brake light with VHT Nightshade, wet sanded, sprayed with clear, wet sanded then polished
o Ordered primered grille and had it painted body color
o Installed Harley headlights with clear corner lenses
o Swapped out yellow turn signal lights with clear Sylvania ones
o Installed a BedRug bed liner (LOVE this!)
o Installed a UnderCover Flex bed cover (tri-fold, low profile, hard cover)

Next few things to get done:

o Install shotgun mount
o Install Fast Draw Gun Magnet for pistol
o Replace driver's side leather seat bottom and seat heater
o Powder coat bumpers tan (same as two-tone bottom)
o Maybe swap out rear bumper for '08+
o Swap out stock turbo for an '03 one
o Remove MBRP exhaust after turbo install
o Paint door handles and tailgate handle body color
o Install and hard wire 20" led light bar between fogs
o Maybe paint inside of headlights body color
o Wash my hands and call it a day

First truck (before):

First truck (after):

Second truck:

Current truck (before):

Current truck (recent, but not most up to date - looks way better in person):

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:ORG welcome:
That's a sweet looking PSD ya got.:thumb:

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Welcome. Why did u change from the previous to the current truck? That black trick looked sweet.
It was and I miss it often. Found out I was moving from Kansas to Washington DC and didn't think it would do well in the city. I bought a Cadillac CTS-V and spent a ton of money getting it to run low 10's. Recently found out I would be moving to Arizona, so I bought another truck for the winter then to pull my enclosed trailer in the spring when it's time to move.

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Put a little work into that first one My dad's a 71 year old auto body man, so I can appreciated that stuff. Great looking trucks.

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