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Looking on and off for months, see them skyrocket in price...

Spot this in an obscure ad on FB in Texas while I'm in Reno.

I take the chance... 1 way ticket... $10k cash later I'm driving her home. Nerve-wracking walking through TSA with that. We've all seen the civil asset forfeiture videos.

265k miles (now) and everything is in damn decent shape. Engine and tranny are stronger than my F350 of the same vintage with similar miles and handles like a dream (Rancho 9000s, anyone?) Already has a slight lift (I think?) and the 20s look killer. I wl have to work on blocking off the turning radius to prevent rubbing.

No rusted-through parts and only surface rust that the top product on Project Farm's review video can fix right up.

All in all, I finally have the rig I've always wanted.

I'm glad to say I now have an Ex! Now to get to work...
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