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Im new to forum but fairly familiar with Ford diesels. I have a 04 6.0 4x4 CC Lariat with headstuds, EGR delete, superchips tune, and straight pipe 3.5" exhaust. I DO NOT TOW.

First issue:
Theres a weird fan noise that I get every now and then when going through 1st and 2nd. It sounds kind of like an 18-wheeler pulling from a stop. I can tell theres a definite drop in power and the engine temp gets a little warm. Once I get into about 3rd gear, it settles down and everything is back to normal. Any ideas? Its only happened twice in the last two months or so at random times.

Second issue:
Theres been a noise I get when I lift off the gas pedal. Its not the turbo; its more of a whine. Theres no loss of power, no leaks under the truck, nothing. It only does it when the engine is warm and its not consistant. (It could go a day or so without making the noise and then all of a sudden it comes back). The harder I accelerate, the longer the whine lasts. Under normal acceleration (2000-2100 rpm max.) it only lasts for a second or two and then goes away. All temp gauges are fine and the CEL isnt on.

Any help is appreciated.

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