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This is only my second post. I have been doing allot of searching and can't find anything on cab bushing removal.
I have a 2006 cc f250 fx4 with 106,000 miles. I have a blown out rear passenger cab bushing and wanted to go ahead and change all of them. I don't think many people have this problem as I can't find anything on any forum.
I can't afford the dealership cost. But I'm very capable of doing it myself.
I understand the cab has to be lifted enough to clear the upper cups to get the top bushing out.
My question is the procedure the same as a complete cab removal? If I only need to raise it a couple inches can I loosen all the bolts and do one side at a time? Do I need to seperate the steering shaft or anything else to lift it only a couple inches? Do I have to loosen the front body mount bolts by radiator?
If anyone can shed some light on this subject that can help me out I would appreciate it very much.
Thanks in advance
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