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Starting in September, we will be releasing several new 6.4L products to the market. Our anticipated release date for all of the new line will be Monday, September 7th.

310RWHP Tune
Upgrade for existing 275RWHP customers will be $100.00. Standard retail pricing will be available upon release. This will be added to our website catalog shortly; they can be pre-ordered there and will be delivered upon release.

Our new upgraded Transmission Control Modules will become available at this time likewise. It will function properly on all builds of the 6.4L trucks/engines. HIGHLY recommended for Job1 build trucks (8EAxxxxx, 8EBxxxxx, and some 8ECxxxxx VIN's) when running in conjunction with the new 310RWHP tune. This upgrade will boost current/voltage to the VFS shift solenoids internal to the transmission and provides a much more positive shift. Shift feel is much quicker with this installed; less "slam" feeling yet with a stouter overall shift function to preserve the life of the transmission under the extreme torque loads of the new race calibration. An aftermarket torque converter is still recommended, but this will add significant life to factory or aftermarket transmission parts. Pricing will be $699.00; this price will include the necessary changes to the 310RWHP tune (and your existing 275HP tune) if purchased in conjunction with the module. All other HP levels can be modified for half-price (37.50 each, or 100.00 for a set of 3) at time of purchase likewise.
This module will ONLY work with the Spartan Phalanx. SCT or other devices are not supported and will cause transmission damage.

Upgraded fuel injection rails will also be released in a similar timeframe. These provide a 30% increase in fuel storage volume (to help dampen pressure fluctuations during injection events) and a 100% increase in overall fuel flow capacity. Gains are 20-25RWHP on our race tunes and 45+RWHP when using nitrous on the stock injection pump. These can be installed without cab removal; all needed injection lines will be included with the kit. Final pricing to be announced shortly.
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