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New Owner Coolant Leaking Out of Cap

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I’m sure there’s a thread out there somewhere that would answer my question but there’s just so many and I don’t know where to start. I’ve owned my 6.0 for about 3 to 4 months and have experienced coolant leaking out of my degas bottle cap. The guy I bought it off of told me it was studded and deleted and I went out on a whim and believed him which I know is dumb. I’ve come to the realization that I’m pretty sure it isn’t. I’ve kind of read about it I replaced my cap and it stopped for a little bit but I checked it today and it’s leaking again. Can I just be overfilling my degas bottle? i’ve heard it can be my head gasket but I recently changed the oil and there is no coolant in it and there is no white smoke coming out of my exhaust I’ll double check tomorrow to check whether it is Studded/Deleted. I would greatly appreciate any advice and help.
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Bump / read on pressure testing your coolant system, and how to. You can make a kit from basic parts from auto part store. And run it out of your hood to the drivers window. You dont want the pressure to go past a certain lb or go up as you hit the fast pedal. If i remember right, mine did not go past 12lbs of pressure after it warmed up while driving, which was still good. Also search for the then "new" full level your reservoir when cold. I believe they made a sticker for it, but i keep mine right where the fluid is almost level.
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