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Details, Questions, Advice, All of the Above . . .
( Many hours researching, printing, and highlighting. . .)

2001 Ford Excursion 4x4 7.3L PowerStroke Turbo Diesel 250k

IntroWhat's goin' on, y'all? Don't want to repeat previous topics or post, and will attempt to consolidate all of my information here. Also, I don't want you to think that I haven't tried to do my research prior to asking, either can not find the information, need clarification, or maybe the thread is old and wanted to re-visit. Prior to my first PSD I had done research for a few months, and my kin are fairly knowledgeable on Vehicles and Diesel Engines. The last 6 months I have hit the forums and books pretty heavy again. Lots of late nights. My intentions are to ensure that this vehicle will be what I expect, and that I'm not a dummy by throwing a load of cash at it. Not rich, or sitting good by any means but, have some funds to get or make something a reliable work and tow vehicle. . . .Would appreciate thoughts on this before I pull the trigger on large upgrade and repairs. Please and thank you.
The PurchasePurchased my second, New to Me, 7.3l Powerstroke a few months ago. 2001 Excursion 7.3l Turbo 4x4, will post pics in near future. First PSD was about 10 years ago, '02 F250 Super Duty, and I loved that truck. Was short lived, few months is all, and have wanted to get back in since. Disappointed it took this long but, am still stoked. I feel like I made a decent purchase, I hope this is true and that the loot I'm about to throw at her is not in vain. Truck has 250k miles, and came with receipts and logs for all the routine service. Mostly stock, with the exception of a 6-position chip (not sure on which flavor), and a double din receiver.

The good:
  • Frame is in solid, and from what i've measured is straight
  • Engine compartment was maintained and clean (not like fresh washed cleaned)
  • Starts right up, cranking is consistent and strong
  • Turbo sounds good spooling
  • Wires and Harnesses did not have and splices or burns
  • Power everything worked
  • Good tires 70% Tread or so
  • 2x New Batteries
  • Fresh oil change
  • New Water Pump (inquired on the situation, and am confident that engine did not get hot.)
  • For the most part, no significant leaks
  • Extra filters for almost everything, several
  • Transmission felt strong, shifted accurately and smooth
  • Clean Unit
  • Clean Title
  • All Lights Worked
  • Told new brakes, only fronts after checking it out at home

The Bad:
  • GEM unresponsive (Possibly windshield leak problem, below)
  • Unsure of 6-position chip brand and tuning
  • Unsure of Internal Maintenance or upgrades (though now, i feel nothing has been done. Maybe new glow plugs and Valve Cover Gasket, doubt anything else)
  • Tow Hitch Needs Replaced
  • Surely it had the windshield leaking , Has heavy duty (gorilla tape) across the top. Plan to locate original parts and trim, and have it pulled and sealed. (Have not checked forums for that stuff yet.)
  • Valve Cover Gaskets and UVCH (Have, SMP) after driving 1k-1500 miles, have definitely developed a good leak. may have been present or just snugged.
  • Glow Plugs (Have, ZD-11)
  • Fuel Leak at the Filler neck
  • Injectors most likely need replaced (Concerning, pretty sure I'm having an issue with them now, and not confident I can swing the bill.)
  • Windshield Washer Fluid does not dispense (can hear pump running, not sure if that's bad, or lines.)
  • Wheel Well Molding, and exterior trim pieces need addressed.
  • Springs are no good, as expected
  • Shocks need replaced
  • Regular Service is going to be done, ASAP.
The Front End and Brakes stuff was expected, the engine stuff I anticipated "tune-up and seal" but, was not aware of the preventative that should be done, mods that probably should be done, and the cost of injectors and a few other parts. Took her into a 2x local shop and the dealer, just moved to Cincinnati area and don't have any resources or connections. . . *If anyone here knows or is a PSD or Diesel mechanic, I would love to make some new connections and find someone with integrity to work with. * Had given them a list of concerns of my own, and asked for a multi-point. I knew that I could handle a lot of the basic stuff myself, and probably most anything that didn't involve unique tools, or large equipment. Also, will be in the drive-way, so. . . Wanted to get the feel of the area, and attempt to network. This is what they came back with for repairs, with prices. . . . ,

Parts and Labor -Grouped as "Projects"

(Pretty High, and plan to do almost all of it myself)* Power steering return and pressure hose $286 *Rear brake pads and rotors $389
  • Valve cover gaskets $678 *Rear parking brake shoes and hardware $265
  • Rear brake lines $349 - Done myself, and 1/4" front to back
  • Front right wheel bearing $210
  • Front upper and lower ball joints $780 * Oil change $89
  • Fuel filler neck $260 * Transmission fluid and filter change $249
  • Trailer hitch $599 * Front differential fluid exchange $119
  • Rear differential fluid exchange $119
Total: $4,392The Project
*** Indicates I Have the Write-Ups and/or Info

  • 1/4" Ni-Copp Alloy Brake Line - Did from Front to Rear, believe that's all i need in 1/4"
  • 3/16" Ni-Copp Alloy Brake Link - Rear Is Done

Not Installed
  • Powerstop Z36 Truck and Tow Caliper, Rotors, and Pads: Front and Rear ***
  • Timken Front HUB Assemblies: Both Sides, Coarse Thread (hope that's correct, need to check) ***
  • Standard Motor Products: Valve Cover Gasket and Harness (pigtail?) ***
  • Glow Plugs Motorcraft/Beau ZD-11 x 8 ***
  • Front Brake Lines ***
  • Brake Hoses ***
  • Oil Change ***
  • Tranny Fluid Change (Transfer Case and filter as well) ***
  • Air Filters ***
  • Gear Oil *** (Diffs)

Need This is what I have so far, please add and/or provide recommendations.(While Top End Apart)
  • Injectors x 8; Stock, or maybe Stage 1. ***
  • Glow Plug Module? (maintenance, or upgrades?)
  • IPR Valve (Injection Pressure Regulator?) ***
  • Fuel Bowl Rebuild? ***
  • High Pressure Oil Pump Lines and Seals
  • ICP Sensor(Injection Control Pressure?) ***
  • CCV Mod ***
  • Oil Cooler reseal ***
Would love to have info for:
All the O-Ring, Seals, Gaskets For Top End of Engine

[ Injector O-Rings, CCV O-rings, Oil rail galley plugs O-rings,
up pipe gaskets, turbo pedestal O-rings, head plug O-ring,
Oil rail galley plugs O-rings]

Specs: Injector Hold-Down Bolts 120 in/lbs
Torque Rocker 80 in/lbs

Also check idler, tensioner, and water-pump bearings. Rad hoses. Serpentine Belt. Get Cam Position Sensor(spare)

(While Front End Apart)I need to replace HUB Assemblies ASAP, may do them this next day or two. Was holding back after seeing the knuckle seal and procedure. Figured, if I can help it, better do the ball joints while I have it apart. So, planning on waiting on parts to come and doin' the following at the same time;
  • Upper and Lower Ball Joints (Both Sides) *** MOTORCRAFTMCF2223 MOTORCRAFTMCS104273, or PROFORGED??
  • Axle Stub Inspection *** DANA2002692{#4C3Z3B387AA, DS2002692}???
    • Outer Seals Hoping the inside of front
    • Knuckle Seal and rear differential just needs
    • O-Ring fluid change and gasket.
    • Yellow Ring
  • Hud Assemblies ***
    • Lube Auto Locking Hub ***
  • Front Brakes ***
    • Lines
    • Hoses
    • Rotors
    • Calipers
    • Pads
  • U-Joints
  • Shocks (Bilstein 5100's???, anything better now, or something from rockauto good?)
  • Springs (Probably Won't Be Able To Swing this, maybe early next year.)

(While Rear End Apart)
  • Brakes ***
    • Hoses
    • Rotors
    • Calipers
    • Pads
  • Differential
    • Axle Seals
    • Fluid Change
    • Cover Gasket
    • Shocks
(While Address Fuel Filler Neck)
  • Drop Tank
    • Install Fuel Filler Neck
    • Hutch Mod ***
    • Harpoon Mod ***
    • Regulated Return Kit? ***
    • Replace Tow Hitch ***
    • Should I replace lines while apart? Will be easier to replace and do regulated return together?
(MODS) ***I Intend to do the; Aux Wiring, Lift Pump, EBPV Delete
Maybe; Plenum Billet Inserts, Coolant Bypass Filter

AutoEnginuity and Helm Service Manual I intend to purchase real soon. (unless no longer recommended)

Please, if I am missing/forgetting anything, would greatly appreciated being informed.
Suggestions on anything that I should do while I'm doing anything above, would love your experience and knowledge.

Part Numbers and/or Sources would be awesome as well.

Thank y'all so much for saving your experiences and knowledge for us to gather.

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I took the estimate from that shop as "Do not need, and/or want your business", and plan to do most of this myself. I did encounter a problem recently, transmission is heavily leaking. Spoke with a few well renowned experts. Decision as of now is to go with the Sam Wyse, from CNC and Corey. Debating on stage 1 or 2 as I type. Have heard great things about Sam Wyse, BTS, and John Woods. Have spoken to 2 of 3 and value their knowledge greatly. Was going to swap this myself, after some troubleshooting and dialing in on the issue. However, it's going to be cold soon, CNC is about a month out and will be colder then. So, pretty convinced I'm going to knock out as much of the rest of that list while waiting to deliver the Ex, and let the pros drop it and swap it in a tenth of the time it would take me. Any suggestions, knowledge, and/or criticism is appreciated.
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