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I'm a new member here but not a first time powerstroke owner. I had an 03 F250 that I built and it was stolen and destroyed, I got what was left of it back last year and was going to rebuild it again, but it was too far gone this time. A real shame as it had been rolled once and rebuilt as well and was a really nice truck.

Fast forward a few months and I had decided to just buy another truck and build it instead. Found an 05 crew cab longbox F350 for 4k and pretty much stock, that the guy just said it doesn't run very good. A friend of mine went and looked at it and picked it up for me, 340k seemed like cracked up pipe and bad injectors on the passenger bank, so we figured it was a decent deal, had a bunch of recent work, new turbo. I got it home and put injectors in it and was getting ready to do the up pipe but we figured we'd see that it ran first. Started it up and it had MASSIVE blow by, just ridiculous, bottom end was gone. So I decided it wouldn't be bad to put a bottom end in it, just take the one out of my old truck I'd recovered. Buddy heard my plan and decided to turn that truck into a mud truck and traded me the remains for a bottom end he had laying around out of a wreck with 80k on it. Now we're talkin! Put a new cam in it, just a stock one from an 04 King Ranch, KDD 6.4 pushrods, and left the insides otherwise stock. Had some heads I had laying around gone through at a machine shop and left those also pretty much stock. Currently on stock injectors and turbo. HPS pipes, Mishimoto radiator, intercooler (the big bar and plate one), trans cooler, and coolant filtration system, bulletproof diesel ficm, and bypass oil filtration system, new Ford oil cooler, pumps, etc, new factory injectors, CE Electric batt/starter2/0 wiring kit, 6.7 starter, S&B intake, 4" straight pipe, otherwise pretty stock under the hood. Put AlphaRex headlights, some Spyder tails, and 3rd brakelight, black/white side badging, newer style tail gate, 08 style mirrors, 6" BDS Long Arm lift with Fox shocks, S&B silicone body mounts, 22" Hostile wheels with 37" Toyo MT's. Put in an aftermarket stereo setup with 2 12's behind the seat and Sony Android Auto head unit so I get nav. Currently running an SCT Livewire TS+ with canned tunes.

I've got a few thousand miles on it and it's running great, got a few things left to do, and then will probably start looking at turbos and injectors. I wanted to drive it a while on the stock turbo/injectors and just make sure we built it right. Does not get hot at all, the hottest I've seen it was in 90f weather pulling a trailer in the mountains, 215f oil temps. All that Mishimoto cooling really does great in this truck. Wish I'd have done the wrapped sinister headers and a couple other things while the cab was off, but I can always pull it again.
Body/interior are a lil rough, she's at ~348k now, but it does work, and I am sure it will get bumps and bruises, so I'll just make it nice and leave the body for now. Next up is to redo the interior, finish the chrome delete, which means new headlights again. Trying to decide on what I want to do for a grill, looking at a Harley edition grille, then body match the shell and have the inserts painted black, then a black/white Ford badge, and a black/white Ford badge for the tailgate too. Also considering swapping to white wheels.

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Thanks for joining us @ the ORG @Spikeophant! Good looking truck!
Scroll down the main forum list to the Ford 03-07 6.0L Powerstroke Forums. Lots of members willing to help.
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Hello Spikeophant and welcome to the forum from N.E. Indiana!!! Nice truck, sounds like you're getting it dialed in pretty good!! Enjoy!!
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