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NEW Injectors, big Turbo and studs

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im about to get the

GQSSB turbo kit

Swamps 250cc / 100% injectors

and ARP head studs and 810 valve springs i think thats right?

whats the easiest way to install?

i was thinking lift the body...

and do you think i should get bigger injectors?

and for all this money is this the best way to go?

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i'd shop around, i know cass's injectors are cheaper than swamps right now, but if you are dead set on gettin swamps injectors then i would prolly get one of their turbo's and i would also get a 200 over nozzle on those inj. you can install studs and springs with the engine in. might look into an srp1, fuel system, and i hope you have a tranny to handle it
alright, so get them from cass and get 200% nozzles

will that be over kill? i was looking for some mpg increases

i have a early 99 and gets 10mpg

and about that trans it has a sift kit, but i think i will get a built one when it happens lol, maybe my parents will pitch in when it dont move lol
Yeah I'd say that's a little overkill for mpgs. That combo is like a 550-600 horse truck. If you want mpgs I'd do like a set of ac's 160cc aka stage 1 with an s366 on irates mount or a d66, srp1, regulated return, ect. Brought together with beans tunes. Save you some money.
if you want to make power get 238-or 250 hybribs-if you want econ whitch is a part of being a diesel guy then check for boost leaks[diesel site leak detector] then a cold air kit,exhaust,and tuner will give you much more mpg for the money
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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