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Hey guys and gals. I'm Jake..up here in the PNW. Used to own a I work for a trucking company. Just picked up an 01 f350 far I have done and sensor...

What I'm working on....

Today I pulled my up pipes off because the gaskets were the new ones in...working on installing a new diamond eye 4 inch.

Problem..oh yes...

Up pipes are into the y collector..EVERYTHING is still loose...cant seem to get collector to align with turbo...when I do, I don't have an extra hand to get the v clamp on and started...everything just falls back apart . Put 9 hours into this truck today and that's what's holding me up!!! Nice to be here though ..this truck is alot different than my cummins..

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Welcome to the ORG!!

Check out the '99-'03 7.3L Powerstroke section. Lots of good info.
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