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New guy

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I just bought my first diesel on saturday its a 96 f250 extended cab log box. It is bone stock right now but I have an intake and exhaust on its way. Im looking forward to learning everything I need to know from you guys :thumb:
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Welcome to the ORG! Nice looking OBS you have there, they sound amazing with an intake and exhaust. There are lots of great people on this website with a deep knowledge of anything Powerstroke, so if you have any questions at all don't be afraid to ask!

Also, you might want to give a brief intro in the Introduction section of the Forum, gives you the chance of alot more people seeing your post.

Anywho, Welcome!
:ORG welcome:

This site is an addiction ;)
Welcome to the org. You'll like this place! :thumb:

Welcome to the addiction :icon_ford:
:ORG welcome:
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