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I have an 07 Outlaw with 174k miles. I bought it a year ago with 171k on it so you see that it sits a lot. Got an Oasis report from area dealer that shows glow plug module replaced in 2008, and head gaskets and oil cooler in June 2009. At this June service date it also states that the EGR was removed and tested. I replaced the fuel filters about two months ago with no problems.

This past weekend I pulled the EGR valve to clean it. It was amazingly clean. Had very little dust on it and was dry. Sprayed it off and shines like new without any brushing. I did look down in the hole and saw carbon build up that is dry and smooth. I got a flathead and raked a little off- it looks to be about 1/8th" thick. Am I looking into the intake manifold or the EGR cooler? Is there some sort of DIY procedure to clean this out while it is on the truck?

Also-a few months ago I had the CEL come on. Truck had been running fine. I plugged in my CAR MD (don't laugh-my father in law bought it for me!) and got the P0299. I'm only getting about 20psi boost with my foot in it so I am prepraring to pull the turbo and do the clean/rebuild procedure. Any pointers?

This is my first diesel. I have been reading this forum since I bought the truck and have learned so much from all of you guys. There is an incredible amount of knowledge to be learned here.

Thanks to all...................
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