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OK folks.. it's been a bit, but some of you might remember that I promised some major and exciting changes to Chapters.

First of all, I'd like to give a short explanation as to why these changes were needed. Our staff came up with the Chapter idea for the specific purpose of getting our members out and meeting each other face to face. This goal was the reason behind the mandatory events, and the attendance quotas for such. On nearly any other forum, those rules would have been necesary, and would have worked. However, this isn't just "any other" forum, this is THE ORG. Our members want to get together. They want to meet, have a good time, and the rules were getting in the way of that happening without lots of other headaches.

So, after some discussions, the rules for Chapters have been totally revamped. Forget about all the other stuff, this is it from now on!! Chapter Rules

A chapter may be formed by any group of five (5) members who have some kind of common geographical connection.

All chapters will have a logo. All logos will include “” in their design.

The requirements for being a member of a chapter are the following:
Be a member of in good standing.
Display the Chapter Logo on your vehicle.​

Chapters will be required to plan and organize one get together per year. Attendance is optional. There will be no minimum requirements on attendance levels.

Chapters will at their onset, and then whenever they feel the need to, elect a Chapter Director, a Chapter Vice Director, and a Chapter Historian. These positions will hold no authority, but those holding them will serve as coordinators for any chapter event. These positions will be open to any chapter member with the exception of Staff.

Chapter formation will occur at such time as a group has organized, and presented a list of members and a logo design to the staff, and said logo design is approved.

These chapters are a function of As such, they may not function outside of CoC. Also, the staff reserves the right to make changes at any time to facilitate operation of these chapters.
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